24×7 IT Support Leicestershire

Can you afford to take a reactive approach to managing your IT systems?

If you have a problem how long will a take to fix? A few hours, a couple of days? One thing is guaranteed, however long it takes to fix you will inevitably face lost productivity, dissatisfied customers and potentially enormous repair costs.

Prevention is better than cure

What if we told you that MDC could effectively monitor your entire network and protect you from unwanted downtime for a mere fraction of the cost of hiring a technician?
For a small monthly fee, we can take away the worry, frustration and considerable cost of managing your IT environment.

Depending on the service level chosen we can either monitor, analyse and report back on any problems found, or take full ownership to resolve any issues that come to our attention on your behalf.

As part of a proactive monitoring agreement we can*:

  • Maintain 24/7 watch over your entire IT environment (network servers, desktops and laptop or mobile devices)
  • Identify and analyse desktop and server “events” for potential problems
  • Monitor servers and ensure security patches and anti-virus protocols are up to date
  • Ensure that data backups are completed
  • Install operating system patches and implement service packs
  • Manage and secure mobile devices (smartphones, tablets)

*Services provided are subject to chosen agreement, T&Cs apply.

We’re here to make I.T. Simple so you can focus on your business.

Server Monitoring and Care

We utilise unobtrusive software to track and analyse your server activity around the clock. When a system or function fails to work properly, an alert is generated and our team will immediately investigate the issue. Once we’ve identified the problem, we’ll take the necessary steps to either report the remedial action required to your support team or optionally fix the problem. In most cases, we will be able to fix the issue remotely. If the issue needs to be escalated, we will get in touch to discuss the best course of action.

Desktop Monitoring and Care

Our preventive maintenance service for desktops proactively monitors and addresses common problems experienced by desktop users. Whether it is viruses, spyware issues or installing patches, we handle it all with stealth, so your employees can continue with business as usual.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Allowing your staff to bring their own devices into the workplace is a great way to reduce capital expenditure on hardware. However, are their devices optimised to provide them with access to the applications and documents they need? More importantly, are they secure?

Our mobile device management solution is the fastest, most comprehensive way to get devices configured for company access and to ensure that your organisation’s data is secure on smartphones and tablets. Using a fully integrated cloud platform, we simplify MDM with rapid deployment, as well as comprehensive visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications and documents.

Network and Security Assessments

How healthy is your overall network? On a regular basis, we’ll generate reports on the state of your systems, letting you know of any potential problems.

The MDC Proactive service is designed to complement and enhance your existing IT support function. Whether you outsource your IT services or have a team in-house, we give your teams peace of mind and frees up their time to focus on other IT issues.

Find out how you can proactively monitor your systems for a small monthly fee and put your IT in expert hands. Pick up the phone and call us today on 0116 277 4020 or email sales@macleandata.co.uk.