IT Health Check

We’re here to help you succeed through the use of technology. Our free IT health check will identify areas within your IT infrastructure that may be letting you down and we where we can offer potential improvements.

Our Health Check Process

Step 1: Run Your Data Collectors

We have built a library of network scanners to gather a massive amount of network, machine, and end-user data. A few scanners run remotely off of our servers, while others can be downloaded and run directly off a thumb drive.

Step 2: Collect the Data

We collect data from any device that’s connected to the network with support for all major operating systems. We provide separate scanners to collect data from transient and stand-alone machines. We can also gather information manually through on-site observations, interviews, and photographs. The collected data is encrypted and automatically saved our scanning appliance.

Step 3: Import the Data

Regardless of the source, we can import all the data gathered from your site into the Network Detective application, where the tool automatically assembles and combines everything into a single data set to give us fully-integrated reports.

Step 4: Generate Your Report

Now we have all the detailed information about your IT environment, we will explain what we have found. And explain in plain English any areas that are failing or could be more secure or made more reliable.

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